All-Needs-Accessible Park Project

All it took was one member from our community to approach the Ponchatoula Jaycees and inquire about this idea. That's all it took to get our wheels spinning. We were asked if we could help the town of Ponchatoula get a Special Needs Playground (aka Sensory Park) built, to accommodate children with special needs! Challenge accepted!

With the help of grant funding, fundraising events, and tax deductible donations from the community, the Jaycees are creating positive change with YOU! We are building partnerships across all sectors, and have developed an effective plan that will not only address a challenge, but will provide the sustainable solution to this need in our community.

We are very excited about this project and are working hard behind the scenes to make it a reality for Ponchatoula. Plans are underway for the exact playground pictured here to be built in Jaycee Park soon.

We're in this together, Ponchatoula!